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SNAPnTAP's Square Integration

Shehryar Malik

Square POS is one of the most popular point-of-sale systems. Being integrated with Square allows our partners to seamlessly adopt SNAPnTAP while keeping admin and management of their operations in one place.

Square POS is one of the most popular point-of-sale systems. Most of our partners currently have a Square account, so being integrated allows them to seamlessly adopt SNAPnTAP while keeping admin and management of their operations in place. In this blog post, we will discuss how our Square integration works.

Square POS Customer

Whenever a customer is created within SNAPnTAP, we create a customer in Square. Emails and phone numbers for that customer are updated over time. All data is synced with Square. As a result, merchants on Snap-n-Tap can still run the same marketing campaigns they did without losing critical customer data.

Square POS Catalog

Catalog integration is one of our most extensive integrations with the Square point-of-sale. Square Catalog consists of all items, modifiers, taxes, etc., in Square.

When a merchant authorizes SNAPnTAP to integrate with its Square account, a catalog sync is initiated. The entire catalog (for a selected location) is imported into SNAPnTAP. We import the whole catalog because merchants organize different catalog items for other channels, like in-person payments, online ordering, etc. Once items are imported into SNAPnTAP, their availability status can be toggled without impacting the status in Square.

If a change to an item’s name, description, modifiers, or price is made on SNAPnTAP, that change is automatically synced to Square. If a catalog change is made in Square, it’s automatically synced with SNAPnTAP. Additionally, for changes from Square to SNAPnTAP, we keep audit logs to track what changes are made at what point in time. Merchants can view the logs directly in their dashboard.

square POS Order & Payment

SNAPnTAP leverages Square Order & Payment APIs to process orders, and send all relevant data to the Square point-of-sale. SNAPnTAP keeps orders open by default, allowing customers to order from merchants continuously.

Order and payment information is sent to Square when an order is closed out, either by staff or customers. Once closed, the order information (items, check, payment data, customer info) is immediately sent to Square. Staff can track the status of order sync to Square through the Staff App and Terminal. If a refund needs to be issued, staff can issue it directly through SNAPnTAP or Square.

Merchants can view this integration as an expansionary “layer” on top of Square’s traditional order and payment channels, enabling customers to make transactions across multiple merchants, for example. Customers can also run a tab across in-personself-service, and table-side ordering channels. Everything Snap-n-Tap offers can work within a merchant’s Square account.

Square POS Hardware

SNAPnTAP can process in-person payments through the Staff App and Terminal while keeping the order and payment integration synced with Square. To do so, we integrate with the Square Reader.

Staff can easily pair the Staff App or the Terminal with the Square Reader. Once the reader is paired, staff can use it to ring up a single order or open a tab.

In the future, we plan on integrating with the Square Stand & the Square Terminal.

Square POS Reports

Our integration to sync customer data, catalog, order, and payment between SNAPnTAP and Square allows merchants to run detailed reports in Square. Because Square allows merchants to filter reports by source, merchants can select SNAPnTAP as the source for sale summaries, tip reports, item level breakdowns, payments, and more.

If there are other downstream integrations that a merchant has set up, such as Quickbooks, all of them can remain in place while using SNAPnTAP.

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