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SNAPnTAP with Square allows merchants to connect with other Square sellers seamlessly & create a shared storefronts to offer a one-click checkout experience


RICH PRoDUCT information

Customized theming

Integrated Square ReportinG

Square loyalty integrated

up-sell through collaboration

Grow your audience through collaboration

Connect with a Square merchant & add their products to your SNAPnTAP storefront. When a customer orders, each order is split by merchant – alongside the payment & customer information. So you only manage your fulfillment, while gaining new customers. With Square Loyalty built-in, reward your customers in the same checkout!

First of its Kind
All-in-One Collaborative POS

SNAPnTAP can power your digital storefronts & your physical point-of-sale. One tap payment for an order across multiple different merchants. Eliminate long lines. Distribute point-of-sale throughout the venue with mobile devices.

SNAPnTAP's QR code landing page showing different catalogs and featured products. Example of House of Subs
snapntap mobile pos & staff app handheld solution showing menus & a sample tab management on two phones
Screenshot of a kitchen display system. Shows multiple tickets


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Merchants, that you authorize, can share their items with you. You can select with items show up on which digital storefront. For example, you can one storefront just for your products, and another with collaborating businesses.

You can unlink any merchant at any point in time.

Businesses that cross-sell grow their overall business. Reports have found that cross-selling can increase revenue by 20% and profitability by nearly 30%.

As costs for acquiring customers is growing, unifying your digital storefronts with businesses you trust can improve conversion rates & lower marketing costs.

Each merchant in the order will receive an email & a notification on their phone through our Mobile POS app. Each merchant can manage their order (such as cancel or update) independently.

Yes! You can use SNAPnTAP to power your Square business. There are bunch of features & improvements over Square, such as multiple QR codes & digital storefronts, simplified yet feature rich product capabilities, and even subscriptions.

You can always invite other businesses in the future.

Yes. We support commission agreements between merchants.

Yes. All transactions are posted to Square POS. As a result, you can always stay up to date.

Yes. SNAPnTAP syncs with your Square catalog, so any changes made to your items in Square are automatically synced in real-time with SNAPnTAP. You can modify them in SNAPnTAP dashboard as well.

for square merchants everywhere!

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