The Collaborative Commerce Platform for QR Codes & Point of Sale Payments

With SNAPnTAP Payment Platform, you can transform your existing systems into a next-generation checkout experience.

What is SNAPnTAP?

SNAPnTAP is a collaborative commerce platform that allows businesses, such as restaurants, breweries, food trucks, hotels, short term property owners, and retail shops, to unify their payment experience through a single checkout process. This means that customers can pay for food from a restaurant, drinks from a brewery, and a hotel stay all in one transaction.

Checkout our blog post explaining collaborative commerce in detail.

Mobile POS

A Flexible Commerce & Payment Stack

Build Your Business Your Way

Dynamic QR Codes & Mobile Payments

Expand your physical service with HybridQR codes that allow guests to order & pay multiple vendors with a single tap.

Mobile POS & Handheld Payments

Run SNAPnTAP alongside your existing POS, on any iOS or Android device, to allow your staff members to collect payments on the go.

Multi-Vendor Payments

Collaborate with other businesses to increase sales opportunities and exposure. Split payments and orders for each vendor, in real-time.

KDS & Printers

Utilize our Kitchen Display System to present orders in real-time with the option to hook up a printer for physical order receipts.

Businesses that cross-sell & collaborate grow their revenue by 20% & their profits by 30%



SHop Local
Business Directory

SNAPnTAP is launching a business directory where businesses can directly market to local communities across social media and our digital QR codes across the country

SNAPnTAP Benefits

Mobile POS and Commerce Platform that Unlocks Growth

Streamlined Payments

SNAPnTAP simplifies the payment process by allowing customers to pay for multiple services in a single transaction. This not only enhances the customer experience but also increases efficiency for businesses.

Increased Revenue and Profits

Businesses that cross-sell and collaborate can grow their revenue by 20% and their profits by 30%. SNAPnTAP facilitates this collaboration, providing a platform for businesses to work and grow together.

Centralized Guest Data Platform

SNAPnTAP provides a centralized platform for collecting and managing guest data. This allows businesses to better understand their customers, personalize their offerings, and make data-driven decisions. It's like a customer data platform, but tailored specifically for the hospitality industry.

Customizable Solutions

SNAPnTAP offers customizable digital and physical payment and merchant processing solutions to meet your specific business needs. This flexibility allows you to build your business your way.

QR Codes & Mobile Payments

Dynamic and powerful QR codes

At SNAPnTAP, we redefine QR code experiences. Our dynamic QR codes, adaptable to product labels, postcards, or ads, offer deep audience insights. Benefit from our analytics engine and data privacy-centric platform, providing real-time, actionable insights. Experience the power of SNAPnTAP today.

Facebook pIxel & Google Tag Support

Direct API Access Available

Tailored Onboarding Experience

Customizable Mobile POS & Payments Solutions For Your Business Needs

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

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