Boost sales through the power of QR Codes

Leverage the power of Hybrid QR Codes to help you collaborate with other businesses and sell from anywhere, through any channel, at any time.

SNAPnTAP is a modern and flexible mobile digital Point of Sale (POS). The platform is built from the ground up facilitate collaboration and inclusion. SNAPnTAP allows you to build an ecosystem that includes your customers along with other symbiotic retailers.

Take advantage of the efficiencies and new sales opportunities embedded with every installation

Retail Collaboration

Take advantage of working together


Build shared storefronts with symbiotic vendors. Our platform makes it simple to connect.


Choose which products you want to share with other vendors, and with which vendors. Stop sharing with a single click.

SNAPnTAP Platform - menu connections


Operate your business as you see fit. Best collaboration keeps businesses independent, so you can do what you do best. Our platform keeps fulfillment, order workflows, and accounting separated.


Shared marketing channels from your collaborating vendors will give your business additional exposure. You can acquire new customers, and convert them into paying with reduced checkout friction.

SNAPnTAP landing page with QR code


  • Easy Access – it’s a dynamic QR Code and a dynamic URL
  • Dynamic & Flexible – menu depends on day of the week or time of day
  • Connect your shop to all modern digital channels & opportunities available
  • Connects customers to your shop in an innovative and flexible manner
  • Allow customers to connect according to their personal preference
  • Reach customers via their preferred digital channel
SNAPnTAP POS Screenshots

SNAPnTAP Digital Mobile POS Platform

  • Easy & Powerful – Portal, Mobile POS App, PrinterKDS Manager App
  • A hassle free cloud based solution that’s hardware agnostic
  • Social, InVenue, delivery, collection & advance booking service options available
  • Customers can order and pay from a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Options to collaborate easily with other retailers or service providers

With our InVenue mobile POS

  • Servers are mobile – orders are managed on a smartphone or tablet
  • Customers can collaborate on orders with their Servers
  • ActiveTab keeps customer orders open to simplify additional spend