SNAPnTAP Dynamic HybridQR codes bring hospitality back to QR codes

With SNAPnTAP Hybrid QR codes, guests can scan a QR code to view all of your offerings (even multiple different merchants), and pay at the end with a single tap. For marketing and ad agencies, SNAPnTAP Ad QR codes can gain key insights into consumer behavior.

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Increase Efficiency and Extend Hospitality

Benefits of qr codes

Counter Labor shortage

Eliminate long lines & wait-times by offering a convenient and easy way to access your offerings & pay.

Collect guest data

Securely collect important guest information, so you have a holistic view of your customers. Convert them into the most loyal customers.

Increase Revenue

Guests using QR codes can easily order again & learn more about your offerings.

Extend hospitality

From a fully customized branding experience to simply paying using the QR code keeps your hospitality at the center.

How it works

Snap the QR

Customers encounter our QR codes in their restaurant tables, hotel rooms, short-term stay accommodations, or on the window of a service provider. No app needed.

Review the catalogs

Accessible on all devices (smartphones, tablets and computers), SNAPnTAP offers customers an easy and intuitive way to access all of your products & services. If enabled, guests can also access catalogs from the connected merchants.

Add items

Guests can view rich information about an item. Using our rich editor, merchants can embed videos, multiple images, and even other social media links. 

Items can include a specific booking time & can even be a subscription!

Order & Pay

Guests securely pay in a single tap. 

Merchants receive a notification, and if enabled, a ticket is automatically printed at the appropriate station.

Guests receive an email & text notification if an update is made (such as a booking confirmation).


HybridQR are powerful QR codes

Seamlessly Hybrid

Guests can continue their ordering experience after starting their tab at the bar, with staff, or anywhere else throughout the venue.

Fully Customizable

Change the look & feel of your digital ordering experience with a fully customizable theme. All generated from your brand color.

Unified Payment Experience

HybridQR codes leverage our multi-vendor technology to split payment across different connected vendors.

Group Offerings

Attach specific product catalogs to each HybridQR to manage what guests can access and when.

Different Order Workflows

Breakup your on-premise & off-premise with different workflows, all managed through a central fulfillment platform.

Live Updates

Make any changes to your products and services, and they are immediately updated. Hide an item, change a price, or add a brand new vendor. The printed QR codes stay the same, but they are dynamically updated!

QR Codes & Mobile Payments

Dynamic and powerful QR codes

At SNAPnTAP, we redefine QR code experiences. Our dynamic QR codes, adaptable to product labels, postcards, or ads, offer deep audience insights. Benefit from our analytics engine and data privacy-centric platform, providing real-time, actionable insights. Experience the power of SNAPnTAP today.

Facebook pIxel & Google Tag Support

Direct API Access Available

Tailored Onboarding Experience

Restaurant meal service

Dynamic & Hybrid QR Code Use Case

Restaurants & Breweries

Use SNAPnTAP Dynamic & Hybrid QR codes  to allow guests to access your menu and place an order. You can isolate QR codes by sections or even different catalogs or menus entirely. Each QR code


  • Benefit from unlimited dynamic QR codes, allowing you to alter which catalog is displayed in real-time.
  • Experience the convenience of open tab ordering, simplifying the re-ordering process for your guests.
  • Streamline your payment process with the integration of both Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Utilize our HybridQR feature to enable guests to pick up their tab from the bar, continuing their ordering journey with ease.
  • Seamless integration with handheld devices allows your staff to effortlessly add another item to a QR code order.
  • Personalize your customer’s ordering experience with a fully customizable and branded online store.
  • Foster a culture of gratuity with our pre and post-order tipping function.
  • Enhance your guests’ experience by eliminating the need for app downloads or time-consuming account creation to place an order.
  • Keep track of QR code scans and other pertinent activities while prioritizing guest privacy.
  • Monitor the efficiency and impact of your services through our tracking features, enabling you to continually improve your offerings.
SNAPnTAP Online Store example

Dynamic & Hybrid QR Code Use Case


Use SNAPnTAP Dynamic & Hybrid QR codes  to allow guests to access your catalogs and place a catering order. Collect necessary information with ease and seamlessly manage scheduled catering orders.


  • Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited dynamic QR codes, empowering you to switch which catalog is displayed in real-time.
  • Manage your orders with ease thanks to our scheduling feature that allows for blackout days and specific dates.
  • Streamline your payments with support for both Apple Pay and Google Pay, offering convenience for all your customers.
  • Elevate your brand identity with a fully customizable ordering experience through our branded online stores.
  • Enhance the checkout process by attaching custom forms for gathering valuable customer information.
  • Maintain excellent communication with your guests by confirming or updating orders as necessary.
  • Encourage generosity with our pre and post order tipping functionality.
  • Ensure a seamless ordering experience for your customers with no need for downloading an app or creating a lengthy account.
  • Keep track of QR code scans and other related activities, always keeping guest privacy at the forefront.
  • Monitor the success of your marketing campaigns with our tracking features.
  • Foster synergy by connecting with other catering businesses and running a vibrant catering marketplace with ease.

Dynamic & Hybrid QR Code Use Case

Food Trucks

Use SNAPnTAP Dynamic & Hybrid QR codes  to allow guests to access your catalogs and place a catering order. Collect necessary information with ease and seamlessly manage scheduled catering orders.


  • Leverage the power of unlimited dynamic QR codes, giving you the freedom to change your menu in real-time according to your current inventory.
  • Flexibly manage your orders with our scheduling features and adapt to the unique circumstances of each day.
  • Provide your customers with easy payment options by accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Elevate your mobile business with a fully customizable ordering experience in your branded online store.
  • Streamline the ordering process by allowing customers to fill out a custom form during checkout.
  • Maintain open communication with your customers, allowing you to confirm or update their orders effectively.
  • Encourage a culture of generosity with our pre and post-order tipping functionality.
  • Enhance the customer experience by removing the need for downloading an app or creating a lengthy account to order.
  • Keep track of QR code scans and other activities, prioritizing guest privacy in your data collection.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with our analytics tools.
  • Create a vibrant network by connecting with other food truck businesses, sharing best practices and opportunities.
  • Keep customers updated in real-time and notify them when their order is ready for pickup, promoting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Dynamic & Hybrid QR Code Use Case


Discover the power of QR codes in revolutionizing your marketing strategies. Our suite of features integrates seamlessly with your campaigns, offering granular tracking, secure data collection, diverse connectivity options, and an optimized customer journey from engagement to transaction. Enhance your digital advertising and drive higher conversions with our versatile and comprehensive solutions.


  • Leverage granular event tracking to obtain detailed insights and make strategic decisions based on user interactions.
  • Take advantage of seamless integration with Facebook Pixel and Google Tags to fine-tune your ad campaigns, ensuring the right audience engagement.
  • Safely and privately collect crucial data, including IP addresses, geolocation, and device info, to deepen your understanding of your audience.
  • Utilize dynamic QR codes linked to forms, specific products, hosted and branded online stores, subscription products, or external links, offering a versatile marketing tool for diverse strategies.
  • Enhance ad campaigns with QR codes, encouraging increased engagement and seamless customer journeys.
  • Create immersive and interactive advertising experiences with QR codes that bridge offline and online marketing.
  • Guarantee client satisfaction with our robust data privacy and security measures, protecting consumer data while maximizing campaign effectiveness.
  • Streamline the customer experience with native support for order and payment, accepting both Apple Pay and Google Pay. This provides a seamless transition from engagement to transaction, boosting campaign conversions.
  • Customize the ordering experience through a branded online store, enhancing brand identity and consistency across all customer touch-points.
  • Remove the need for app downloads or account creation, simplifying the customer journey and increasing conversion rates.

Dynamic & Hybrid QR Code Use Case


Transform your conventions and events with Dynamic QR codes. Our all-in-one solution offers precise tracking, secure data collection, and smooth transactions, ensuring an optimized attendee journey. 

Traditional methods using apps or externally linked landing pages can lead to poor conversion and disjointed experiences. Instead, our streamlined, mobile-optimized solution guarantees a seamless and enjoyable event experience for all.


  • Leverage dynamic QR codes for real-time changes, allowing you to update your event schedule, speaker information, or any content instantly.
  • Showcase every vendor/company with a custom and branded landing page
  • Vendors can collect signups, registrations, and even process orders through their landing pages
  • Harness the convenience of open tab ordering to allow attendees to easily purchase food, drinks, or merchandise at your event.
  • Seamlessly accept payments via popular platforms such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, ensuring smooth transactions and increased sales.
  • Offer handheld device support for staff.
  • Customize the event experience with a branded online platform that reflects your event’s unique identity.
  • Optimize the attendee experience with no need for app downloads or lengthy account creation.
  • Track QR code scans and other attendee activities while prioritizing privacy, to gather insights and improve future events.
  • Use granular event tracking, Facebook Pixel, and Google Tags for targeted marketing and data-driven decision making.
  • Safely collect crucial attendee information like IP addresses, geolocation, and device info to understand your audience better.
  • Provide real-time notifications to ensuring a smooth event experience for attendees.

Scan to View

List The catalogs of every active merchant

Scanning one QR code will take customers to a visually rich list of open merchants available to order from.

SNapnTap Platform

QR Codes are part of the full stack solution

SNAPnTAP QR Codes fit into the larger SNAPnTAP Mobile POS & Commerce Solution. You can leverage QR codes alongside a handheld solution, a full POSadd catalogs from other merchants, and an intuitive kitchen display system.

Our Customer Data Platform securely builds a rich guest profile as they interact with your brands, so you can unlock a higher ROI on your marketing spend.

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