SNAPnTAP Conventions

All-in-One Convention Engagement & Management Solution

Your one-stop solution for seamlessly integrating digital and in-person experiences. We offer a game-changing solution for conventions, designed to supercharge your event’s effectiveness and attendee engagement.

SNAPnTAP Conventions

Boost Your Event's Efficiency

Enhance the Guest and Visitor Experience

Our user-friendly interface and well-thought-out features are designed to provide your guests and visitors with a streamlined, enjoyable experience. Our solution brings together every aspect of the convention, making it simple for attendees to explore, engage, and enjoy the event.

Leverage Data for Future Success

Gain insightful data from each event to build your customer data platform. Understand your visitors better, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions for future conventions. Our platform is not just a tool for today, but an investment in your ongoing success.

Boost Your Revenue with Affiliate Marketing

Beyond just managing and enhancing your event, our platform opens the door to additional revenue streams. Our built-in affiliate marketing features allow you to generate income, helping you to maximize the profitability of your convention.

Streamlined Operations and Simplified Logistics

Organizing a convention can be complex. Our platform serves as a central hub for all activities, simplifying logistics, and reducing manual efforts. This increased efficiency lets you focus more on delivering memorable experiences, saving time, and reducing costs.

SNAPnTAP Conventions

Feature rich platform

Unlimited Dynamic QR Codes

Bring interactivity to the heart of your convention with our unlimited dynamic QR codes. Whether you're linking to vendor or company profiles, product catalogs, booking pages, or forms, our dynamic QR codes simplify the process and enhance visitor experience. Leveraging detailed event tracking, your marketing campaigns can resonate more deeply and create a greater impact.

Showcase Every Vendor in Their Best Light

With SNAPnTAP, each vendor at your convention gets a dedicated page and product catalog. This unique feature allows each company to create a comprehensive and visually appealing presence that’s as distinctive as they are. Plus, with enhanced theming and customizability, vendors can make their page truly their own.

Empower Your Convention With Your Own Services

We offer an integrated system for bookings and forms, allowing you to manage all aspects of your convention in one place. Whether you're scheduling panel discussions, taking registrations, or collecting feedback, our platform makes it easy and efficient.

Real-Time Event Analytics and Reports

Keeping track of how your event is performing in real-time can make a huge difference. Optimize your event in real-time with SNAPnTAP's analytics feature. Monitor key metrics like attendee engagement, vendor performance, and product popularity, to swiftly adapt and enhance the event experience.

SNAPnTAP Enterprise Conventions

Tailored Solutions for Large-Scale Conventions

At SNAPnTAP, we understand that large conventions have unique needs. Our team is ready to work with you to develop custom solutions that perfectly align with your convention’s objectives.


  • Bespoke Event Tracking: Customizable solutions to help you monitor key convention metrics in real-time.
  • Personalized Marketing Tools: Tailored tools to bolster your convention’s outreach and attendee engagement.
  • Custom CRM Integrations: Seamless integration with your existing CRM, ensuring data consistency and efficient operations.
  • In-Person Payment Solutions: Custom payment systems to facilitate smooth transactions, enhancing the attendee experience.


With SNAPnTAP, trust in a solution that’s as unique as your event.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Convention Experience?

Elevate your conventions with a solution that combines efficiency, customization, and seamless collaborative commerce. SNAPnTAP is here to simplify your operations and enhance your event's success. Don't wait – start your journey towards unforgettable conventions with us today. Contact our team to learn more and get started.