A collaborative mobile point of sales platform 

SNAPnTAP POS Screenshots

Upgrade your POS without the hassle of replacement

Say goodbye to costly replacements - seamlessly integrate our technology with your existing POS

Enhance your POS system through our easy to install solution

No more complicated installations - SNAPnTAP runs wirelessly and alongside your current POS system

Revolutionize your operations with our full suite of products

From mobile-ordering tablets to kitchen display systems, we have everything you need to streamline your business

Use your existing tech with our hardware agnostic suite of products

Use your existing hardware or buy off-the-shelf tablets to run our tech - our full suite fits all your business needs


A Powerful Terminal

SNAPnTAP Terminal comes can open tabs, add to any existing tabs, and also ring up a simple order.

Any changes made to your catalog are synced in realtime, and across devices. If you are collaborating with other businesses, their products are also kept in sync.

Extend the terminal further with the Staff App.

Screenshot of Tablet Staff App


Staff App

With a mobile tablet or a phone, staff can pick up and manage existing orders or start fresh with a new order.

With a connected payment terminal, the SNAPnTAP Staff App is the all-encompassing management hub that keeps service at the center of your operation.



HybridQR allow guests to scan a QR code and open a tab or pick-up their existing tab (opened with a staff member, at the bar, or even earlier).

HybridQR use our multi-vendor technology to show products for all connected merchants. One QR for infinite businesses.

Menu landing page with QR sample


Printers & KDS

For restaurants and other high-volume businesses, the Kitchen Display System (KDS) can display orders in real time for immediate back of house attention. 

Our print server has been optimized to print all orders with print history, error alerts, and automatic retries to keep your business focused on serving, not troubleshooting.

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