Work with lots of businesses to supercharge your own

Cross-sell with a variety of vendors, allowing your customers to access everything in one place, without compromising on individuality

Simplify business collaboration

Consolidate different sales channels into a seamless checkout, all while maintaining operational independence for each vendor.


Deploy our platform in any multi-vendor setting, whether it is essential to your business operation or a gateway to generating additional sales & commissions.


Our platform streamlines different sales channels, becoming a valuable extension of your digital presence and reach. 


Multiple businesses can maintain their menus independently and consolidate the customer presentation layer to a single shared HybridQR code or DynamicURL.


Customers can combine orders from multiple independent vendors into one.


Vendors can choose to keep customer order sessions open, with ActiveTab so customers may order more easily.

Independently managed menus, order flow & fulfillment

SNAPnTAP provides operational tools that allow vendors to collaborate seamlessly with one another, while ensuring each vendor retains control of their own brand identity, presentation and operational independence.

Order Fulfillment

Vendors have control of their individual order flow.

All vendors receive only their portion of combined orders and retain control of their own order processing and fulfillment.

Split Accounting

Vendors are instantly paid their share of all combined orders. 

SNAPnTAP separates the sales, tax and tip by each item ordered and settles the specific total with each vendor instantly.

Independent Menus

Vendors maintain full control of price and availability of all their menu items.

All aspects of menus and items accessed by our HybridQR codes can be managed and updated by vendors in real time.