Mobile POS for Food Services

Mobile POS to power your entire restaurant or catering business

Mobile POS, QR codes, digital menus, and table-side payments for the next generation of businesses

All-in-one Mobile POS platform

We understand that there are many facets to running a successful food and beverage business. We grew up in the restaurant space and built our toolkit from the ground up to support, enhance and delight restaurant owners and their guests. Scroll down to learn more about our capabilities.
Portal dashboard

Menu Management

Seamlessly manage your offerings through a cloud-based menu management system. Changes from the dashboard, terminal, or the Staff App are synced across all devices in real-time. Add rich product descriptions that includes videos & social media links. Sell products with bookings & subscriptions.

Menu landing page with QR sample

Table-side Payments with QR Codes

Leverage our HybridQR at the table, on your food truck, or in marketing campaigns to enhance the guest experience, offer faster checkouts, and supercharge your digital presence.

digital storefront from qr codes example for mobile pos

Digital Storefronts

Using SNAPnTAP Dynamic Links, setup multiple different storefronts that allow guests to place pickup, catering, or a delivery order directly with you. You can customize the entire look & feel to your brand. Add specific messaging or attach a file to share more information. Add in loyalty during checkout.

Physical Payments

Use our terminal at the counter, or distribute the point-of-sale via our Staff App to offer table side service. Designed to handle high volume nights. Open, add to, split, or merge tabs with ease.

Printer & KDS

A fault-tolerant printer & KDS system to serve your business needs. Our printer & KDS applications support routing tickets by station or by specific catalog.

Mobile POS for restaurants

Restaurant meal service

How SNAPnTAP Helps Full Service Restaurants

  • Makes the guest experience smoother
    • No waiting for menus or to place orders
    • No waiting to pay the bill and leave
    • Less likelihood of ordering errors (allergies and special requests can be identified)
    • Multi-modal interaction with the kitchen (web-app, server table-side app, receipt email at end of service)
  • Reduces operating costs
    • Digital menus reduce the printing costs
    • QR code mobile order & pay can help reduce the burden on staff
    • Helps manage rush hour
  • Increased percentage tips for staff

Mobile POS for caterers

How SNAPnTAP Helps the Catering Industry

  • Easy advertising QR link to showcase digital menus in full color with detailed descriptions, extras, and pricing
  • Easy online or smartphone ordering – no phone time to discuss options, write delivery addresses, or take payment over the phone
  • Full management app to modify/refine orders
  • Text confirmations and notifications (order is ready for delivery/pickup) and emailed receipts
  • All terms are clear and customer must comply to place order (minimums, delivery changes, allergy waivers)
  • Attach forms to collect additional information
  • Consolidated guest data so you can grow your business with insights
  • Increased percentage tips for staff

Mobile POS for food trucks

How SNAPnTAP Helps Food Trucks

  • Increases the number of sales channels – flyers with QRs, social media links, truck side QRs
  • Menus can be shared with hosting venue (i.e. one QR on display for multiple vendors)
  • Straightforward editing process to update menus
  • Provides customers with easy access to menus, extras, and pricing 
  • Easy online or smartphone ordering in real-time or advance – less discussion time or delays to take payment
  • Full management app to modify/refine order
  • Text function for confirmations and notifications (order is ready for pickup)
  • Emailed receipts 
  • Increased percentage tips for staff

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