SNAPnTAP is working on disrupting and transforming the payment and booking industry through cross-selling & collaboration

SNAPnTAP is a brand of Dyne Technologies, Inc. Founded in 2019, Dyne’s mission is to enable collaborative ecosystems via real-time mobile transactions. Our entry product, TableTab, focused on improving the mobile order and payment process across the food and beverage industry. When a customer asked if different merchants could share their menus, we designed and introduced a module we call Shared Product Catalogs (SPCs), which is now at the core of our collaborative ecosystem. All Dyne platforms facilitate merchants sharing their catalogs with other merchants to enable cross-selling through a shared, but separate, payment channel.

Our 2.0 generation POS, introduced January 2023, is SNAPnTAP. A platform that expands upon TableTab’s SPC and offers future and immediate booking and payment services across all product and service industries. Launched in Fort Lauderdale, FL we expect to expand rapidly and have a nationwide footprint by the end of the year.

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