Brewery and Bar POS

Built for unlimited taps

SNAPnTAP's Brewery and Bar POS keeps your bartenders happy, even when there's no happy hour.

SNAPnTAP Staff App

Add On

Can be run on top of an existing POS, like Square

Amazing Customer Support

Get support via email or text, so you can keep your bar running without a worry late into the night.

Full Suite

Full suite of products including online & table-side ordering, printers, subscriptions, and loyalty.

Hardware Agnostic

Hardware agnostic – you can use your existing hardware or buy off-the-shelf tablets

Brewery and Bar POS

Adapts to your operational needs

Bar Service

Leverage our POS terminal to process contactless payments. Guests can also order using our HybridQRs and be notified when their beer is ready!

Alternating Proprietorships

Our Multi-Vendor platform allows you to use a single terminal to process payments for multiple different breweries. Operate as many taps, but use a single POS.

Food Trucks

Guests can order food from visiting food vendors through our HybridQRs or even at the terminal. Payment, order workflow, and accounting is automatically split!

Large Venues

Built to operate at a large venue. Unlimited HybridQR codes combined with unlimited terminals & devices.


Use our Staff App to process payments table-side for a more service oriented workflow.

High Volume

Built to handle busy days & nights. With our 24/7 text support, you never have to worry about a late night.

Brewery and bar pos

A Powerful Terminal

SNAPnTAP Terminal can open tabs, add to any existing tabs, and ring up single drink order with ease. With pre-auth & default tip settings, payments are never lost.

Any changes made to your catalog are synced in realtime, and across devices. If you are collaborating with another brewery or a food vendor, their products are also kept in sync.

Extend the terminal further with the Staff App.

SNAPnTAP Staff App



HybridQR allow guests to scan a QR code and open a tab or pick-up their existing tab (starting it at the bar). You can customize the look & feel using your brand.

HybridQR use our multi-vendor technology to show products for any connected merchant, like a food truck. One QR for infinite businesses.

QR Codes and Brewery landing page


Printers & KDS

For breweries with a full kitchen, the Kitchen Display System (KDS) can display orders in real time for immediate back of house attention. 

Our print server has been optimized to print all orders with print history, error alerts, and automatic retries to keep your business focused on serving, not troubleshooting.

Manage Food Vendors

Easily connect food vendors


Connect a food vendor once, and then forget about managing them. Our system will automatically add their products to the QR codes.


While guests can view & order items from other vendors, you don't have to worry about fulfilling it. Each merchant is responsible for their own order.

Grow Your Business

Food vendors at breweries grow the avg. check size. However, long lines reduce spend. Consolidating the checkout process can help grow your business & increase guest statisfaction.

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