Delightful Online Stores, Brought to Life

Offer a personalized online shopping experience for your guests using SNAPnTAP Online Stores. We will help launch every single store with a customized onboarding experience.

Branded & Collaborative Online stores


You can customize the look and feel of your digital store - keeping guests connected to your brand.


Our digital stores are fast, so guests don't have to wait ages while it loads. Faster checkout experience results in higher conversion.


SNAPnTAP Digital Storefronts have intuitive UI. Combined with your brand and uncluttered UI, guests are always delighted when ordering.


Digital Storefronts are collaborative by nature. You can bring other merchants to your storefront & allow guests to checkout in single payment!

Flexible Online Stores

Sell anything with ease

You can sell pretty much about anything using SNAPnTAP’s online stores. Our dashboard allows you to quickly add products such as:

SNAPnTAP Online Stores

powerful features to customize your workflows

Rich Product Descriptions

Add rich info to your products, such as hyperlinks, social embeds, and even videos using our rich text editor.

file Support

Sometimes you want to add detailed instructions to your ordering process or even a waiver. Attach a file, so guests can easily review the requirements.

Embed Forms

Collect additional information during checkout using SNAPnTAP Forms. Information is securely stored, so you can continue to build rich customer profiles.

Simplified Login

Guests can easily authenticate themselves using their phone number. No need for passwords. All information is securely stored, so guests can confidently order.

Guest Support

Our team is always available if your guests run into an issue. We reach out directly to them through our chat feature, email, or text.

Digital Wallet Support

Offer Apple Pay & Google Pay during checkout so guests can checkout even faster.

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Collaborative Online Stores

Connect with merchants to build your own marketplace

Collaborative Online Stores unite merchants from down the street to across the country, including friends launching businesses. They let customers discover your products alongside others’, lowering acquisition costs while maintaining brand identity. You and your partner merchants maintain full control.

Cross Selling

Cross Selling enables merchants to grow their revenue by nearly 20% as guests can discover your brand through more channels.

Merchant Independence

Collaborating does not mean managing or relying on each other. Each merchant manages their own product offerings and fulfillemnt.

Guest Data Platform

Get insights from guest ordering data. Our central platform builds rich profiles, helping you understand your most loyal customers better.

Scale your business

Create unlimited online stores so you can isolate workflows or products for each one. Instead of managing different dashboard or windows, it's all centralized.

Use Cases for Online Stores

Built for different use cases

Food Services

Use SNAPnTAP Online Stores to power your online ordering, self service through QR codes, catering, or food truck orders. You can easily manage the order fulfillment through the Mobile POS, Staff App, KDS, or a printer.

Markets &
Food Halls

Allow guests to interact with all of the merchants through a shared and collaborative online stores. Each merchant can manages their own catalogs & profile, while a guest can order at each one through a single checkout.

Hotels & Short Term Rentals

SNAPnTAP enables hotels and vacation rental hosts to offer virtual concierge services to their guests and earn a commission in the process.


SNAPnTAP allows charities and non-profits to power their donation or events with ease. Using our Customer Data Platform, donor information is securely stored for future campaigns and marketing.

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