Upgrade your printer & kitchen display system

Allow your kitchen to receive orders from as many devices as needed with our KDS system.

Kitchen Display System (KDS) that can work alongside

Intuitive UI/UX

Tap an item to mark in-progress or complete. Fire a re-print. Bring back a ticket.

Unlimited Devices

Setup as many KDS's as you would like. They all stay in sync.

Station Routing

Split up your different KDS's for different stations. Ordered products are routed automatically!

Hardware Agnostic

Hardware agnostic – you can use your existing hardware or buy off-the-shelf tablets

Printer system that can handle the volume

Battle Tested

Built with automatic retries, error notifications, & printer logs to make sure your service stays smooth.

Unlimited Devices

Setup as many printers as you would like. They all stay in sync.

Printer Routing

Split up your workflow with multiple stations. Tickets are routed automatically!

Star & Epson support

Use your existing Star & Epson printers (or other supported ones).

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