Stop Keying in Cards, Get Paid Instantly with Easy Payment Links

Streamline your phone and in-person orders with secure, contactless payments

Say goodbye to writing down credit card numbers and hello to faster, easier payments with SNAPnPAY, the all-in-one payment solution from SNAPnTAP designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses like yours.

How SNAPnPAY Works


  • Generate secure payment links and send them directly to your customers via text or email.


  • Customers simply click the link and pay securely without you needing to handle their card information.


  • Reduce errors and eliminate the risk of fraud associated with manually keying in card numbers.

SNAPnPAY Benefits

  • Faster Transactions: Get customers checked out quicker, improving order processing times and customer satisfaction


  • Enhanced Security: Eliminate the risk of data breaches by keeping credit card information out of your hands
  • Reduced Costs: Save money on processing fees associated with manually entered cards (keyed-in transactions)


  • Increased Flexibility: Accept payments anywhere, anytime, on any iPad, tablet, or smartphone

More Than Just Payments

SNAPnPAY is a part of SNAPnTAP which offers a suite of solutions to streamline your entire business operation, including:

  • Point-of-Sale Systems with credit card readers (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) and menu management


  • Kitchen prep automation with back-of-house ticket printing


  • Self-service kiosk ordering for faster customer service
  • QR code ordering for remote ordering options like grab-and-go and delivery


  • Separate menu management for catering and regular sales, including promotions


  • Text and email marketing with built-in payment links to reduce credit card fees

Scalable & Affordable

SNAPnPAY is a part of SNAPnTAP’s software-based solution allowing you to use any or all of these services for a single price on any device. We offer a variety of pricing plans to fit your business needs, with options that are a demo away! 

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