The hybrid platform for selling together.

Use one or all of our payment channels to sell from anywhere, through anyone, at anytime.

via Terminals

Plug TableTab into your existing hardware and sell from a bar or counter.

via Handhelds

Download TableTab on mobile devices and allow staff to sell on the move.

via QR Codes

Stand up QR codes and enable customers to control their own ordering.


For super-charged, fast checkout experiences

Take orders and payment at a set location, like a bar, a service counter, or other places where customers line up.

  • Turn any existing tablet into your terminal
  • Take payments across different merchants through the same terminal
  • Support cash, card, and contactless payments.


For flexible and mobile points of sale

Take orders and payment where the customer is, like their table or seat.

  • ‍Works on any smartphone
  • Easily upsell by adding to an open tab
  • Check tab & item status across tables


For an intuitive, low-cost sales channel

Let customers take their own order and payment when preferred, without needing to line up or wait for staff.

  • Web based. No app download needed.
  • Reduce your staff’s stress during peak hours
  • Intuitive & easy-to-follow UI/UX for customers

Collaborative operational tools.

TableTab does more than help you sell alongside other businesses; we also help you operate together. Collaborate seamlessly, while maintaining each business’ independent operation.


Every merchant has their own order flow

Although customers can order from multiple merchants at once, each merchant will receive and fulfill only the items ordered that belong to their menu.


Every merchant gets their money, instantly

TableTab separates the sales, tax, and tip by each ordered item and sends the sum to each merchant.


Every merchant controls their menu

While customers can order from all available menus at once, each menu can be managed and updated in real time by its associated merchant.

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